Privacy Policy

Our company’s policy on privacy has been addressed to create a knowledgeable and meaningful take on the online use of PII, also known as Personally Identifiable Information. Such information can be used on its own or it can be handled for other identification purposes to pinpoint a particular person. Kindly take time to read our company’s policy about privacy so that you will understand how your PII is handled by us based on the given information found on this website.

What kind of information is collected from our visitors?

When you visit our app, blog, or website, take note that we will ask personal information such as your name, phone number, email address, and other necessary details.

When is this information collected?

This particular set of information is collected upon the registration process, newsletter subscription, and form completion.

How will the information I have given be used?

The information that you have provided us will be used:

  1. To enhance and customize the overall experience of our user.
  2. To match and identify which kind of content and products available are suited to the needs of the user.
  3. To provide exceptional service in response to the requests aligned with customer service.
  4. To send regular updates about a current order or products and services that are available.
How is this information protected?

Security is our main concern when it comes to your confidential information. That is why we perform scans using Malware Scanning on a regular basis that look for holes in the security system as well as other potential threats. Your personal details are viewed and retrieved within secured networks. It is available to those who have special access rights and entered agreement to keep all this valuable information confidential. All of your personal information is encoded with Secure Socket Layer or SSL technology. Different sources of security measures are implemented in order to obtain personal information’s safety. In addition to that, information regarding your credit card is extended over 60 days to advance the billing process of future purchases.

What is website cookie and are we using it?

The answer is yes. For your information, cookies are tiny files that retain key information that are loaded onto a computer and are transferred from a particular website through the use of a browser.

This information could be in the form of: personal preferences, data aggregation of a particular site traffic and many more.

We used website cookie in the following reasons:

  1. Monitor Social Media page advertisements.
  2. Gather data aggregation regarding site traffic and interactions.
  3. Provide information used to improve and enhance overall social media engagement for the user.
  4. A third party service provider will be utilized over a secured network to track this particular information.

However, the option to switch cookies on or off will be available in the settings of your computer. Each browser works out differently so it would be a good idea to look at the Help section of your browser in order to figure out which settings are best equipped for you. Keep in mind that once you turn off the settings for cookies, you might observe that some specific features will be disabled. It may affect the services found on our website and there is a chance that it won't work properly on your device.

What is Third Party Disclosure?

Your PII is secured with us and it is an assurance that it will not be sold, traded or transferred to third parties unless a prior notice has been forwarded to you. For clarification purposes, a third party does not refer to any of our website hosting partners, those who have aided us with the operation of our site, or those managing our business. Your information may be disclosed when the circumstances provided deem it necessary in order to submit with the law, protect the rights of the company or others, impose the policies that our site provides or for safety reasons. Third parties must agree to keep disclosed information restricted in all other cases.

Be reminded that non-personal information among visitors may be shared with other parties for the purpose of marketing.

FTP Access & WordPress

These third parties do not produce any kind of advertisements about the products or services.


All of its requirements that are related to advertising can be read on Google’s own Advertising Principles. They aim to create a positive experience and atmosphere for all of its users. Google AdSense Advertising is utilized on the company’s website.

Google acts a third party vendor wherein it operates cookies in order to display advertisements across our website. DART cookie is operated by Google so that it advertises products and/or services according to the nature of their visits to the company’s website as well as other online sites.

With this in mind, the following implementations have been established:

  1. Paired up with Google Adsense to direct remarketing strategies
  2. Reporting of Google Display based on Network Impression
  3. Reporting of Interests and Demographic Profiles

Google and other third parties that are in affiliation with Google, use cookies that include Google Analytics cookies and DoubleClick cookie. They work hand in hand to achieve data compilation that revolves around interactions among the users and their impressions with advertisements that directly affect their activity with our website.

However, users can customize their personal preferences by viewing the Google Ad Settings page. Users may choose to opt out by going to Network Advertising page and/ or disable Google Analytics add on and opt out Browser.

Do we allow behavioral tracking of a third party?

Yes, do understand that we allow this action to take place.

What is Can Spam Act?

This particular law states a set of rules intended for commercial email and commercial messages. Recipients have the right and the option to discontinue receiving emails from our company. Violators will be slapped with severe penalties for doing so.

The purposes of handling personal information that includes email address of the user are:

  1. To relay information and reply to questions or requests promptly
  2. To send updates and information regarding the customer orders
  3. To handle such and send valuable details about the orders
  4. To add to our mailing list and that all of our customers receive updates on a regular basis

To comply with CANSPAM, our company allows the following to take place:

  1. To never operate with fabricated subjects or email addresses
  2. To identify the email as a form of advertisement in an acceptable form
  3. To include the physical location of our company
  4. To monitor the services of a third party email marketing
  5. To accept unsubscribe or opt-out requests instantaneously
  6. To place a link found at the bottom of each email that we send out and to give users the chance to unsubscribe

By chance, if users wish to unsubscribe from accepting emails in the future, they may send an email to us by following the instructions that can be found at the bottom part of any email from us at [email protected]. This immediate action will take place and our company will promptly disconnect email ties with you to meet your convenience.

Website Internal Codes Private Access

There might be a need to adjust a couple of internal codes that will confirm to the updates among search engines through FTP access and/or CMS access. Any kind of access between the user and the website will remain as classified information. In addition to that, any kind of private information will not be exchanged, sold or revealed to involved parties.

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